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tv   The Early Show  CBS  January 10, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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enter the terms of your existing loan offer to instantly find out how it compares to other offers, areas you may be overpaying, and even negotiation points to help you get a better deal. only at lendingtree. good morning. tragedy in tucson. new details emerge about alleged killer jared lee loughner's plan to assassinate congresswoman gabrielle grif fords. and dramatic 911 tapes paint a picture of chaos in the
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aftermath of saturday's tragic shooting spree. >> how many people are injured there? >> we have about a total of ten people, maybe more. >> this morning, new questions about the suspect. we'll speak exclusively with a former teacher who saw the warning signs and called police. also joining us, some of the heroes who've emerged from this tragedy, including a young intern who risked his life to help save the congresswoman, who remains in critical condition. "early" this monday morning, remains in critical condition. "early" this monday morning, january 10th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs and good monday morning to you from tucson, arizona. you are looking at a live picture this morning of the shopping complex in front of a safeway supermarket where this tragedy unfolded on saturday morning here in tucson.
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a man, shooting congresswoman gabrielle giffords in the back of the head. six lost that battle on saturday. this now a picture for you of the memorial which has been set up right here where we are this morning at university medical center in houston. ten people remain inside this hospital where they are being treated. one of them in critical condition is congresswoman gabby giffords. we'll update you on her condition coming up, as well as the other nine people who are being treated here, chris. as you can imagine, still a lot of raw emotion this morning here in tucson. >> exactly. good morning to you, erica. good morning to you at home. we're also going to follow the latest developments from washington this morning. president obama has ordered all flags to fly at half-staff until sunset on friday to honor the victims in tucson. a moment of silence will be observed later today at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. and we're going to cover, like i said, all the ramifications being felt from tucson to washington on this monday morning. erica, let's go back to you in tucson, arizona.
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>> and chris, we want to update you on the very latest at this hour. 22-year-old jared lee loughner is scheduled to appear in court later today. he is accused of trying to assassinate congresswoman gabrielle giffords, who was shot, as we mentioned, in the head. she does remain at this hour in a medically induced coma. six people were killed in that attack. 14 others, including giffords, were wounded. officials say they found evidence at loughner's home that he targeted giffords specifically, but they do believe he was acting alone. cbs news national correspondent ben tracy is at that store where the shooting took place with more this morning. ben, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. as you can see behind me the crime tape is still up here at the shooting scene but they do expect to reopen this strip mall later today. meanwhile the investigation continues and we're learning a lot more about this alleged shooter, including the fact that he may have been tracking congresswoman giffords for years. in just released 911 calls -- >> there's multiple people shot. >> okay.
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>> oh, my god. >> reporter: we can now hear the chaos that ee ruptded when the gunshots rang out on saturday morning. >> we need more than one ambulance. there's more than one person down. >> how many people are injured there? >> we have about a total of ten people, maybe more. oh, my god. >> reporter: authorities say 22-year-old jared lee loughner was the man behind the gun. >> i saw people just going down. he was shooting at point blank in a very restricted area. >> reporter: witnesses say loughner casually approached congresswoman gabrielle giffords at a table and then shot here in the back of the head from about three feet away. he then began shooting everyone in sight. while he was trying to reload a woman grabbed his ammunition clip. he was finally subdued as two men wrestled him to the ground. >> he was pulling a magazine out of his pocket with his left hand. and somebody said grab the magazine. so i grabbed the magazine before he could. >> reporter: bill badger is a retired army colonel who was wounded before helping tackle loughner. >> any time he would even start to move i would tighten my grip
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on his throat and his other guy would put more pressure on his neck to hold him down. and he would holler, whoa, whoa, you're hurting me. oh, whoa. like that. and this guy said, i don't give a [ bleep ] >> reporter: 20 people were shot. six killed. among them, federal judge john roll, and 9-year-old christina taylor green, who was born on september 11th, 2001. there were four others, including 30-year-old gabe zimmerman, an aide to the congresswoman. gabrielle giffords' intern, 20-year-old daniel hernandez, may have saved her life. when she was shot he ran towards her, covering the bullet hole to slow the bleeding. despite that bullet tearing through her brain, giffords survived and is now able to respond to commands by moving her fingers. >> we take those kind of simple commands for granted. but they imply a very high level of functioning in the brain. >> reporter: jared loughner is in fbi custody. investigators searched his house sunday and found disturbing evidence. in a safe they discovered an envelope on which they say he
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wrote giffords' name and the words "i planned ahead," "my assassination." while there is still no clear motive for this shooting, loughner left a disturbing trail of anti-government internet videos. and his classmates at a local community college say he seemed increasingly unstable. "the washington post" obtained an e-mail from one woman who wrote last summer that, quote, we have a mentally unstable person in the class that scares the living crap out of me. he is one of those whose picture you see on the news, after he has come into class with an automatic weapon. now, loughner is expected to make his first appearance in federal court later today. and his public defender has a lot of experience. she is the same woman who defended the unabomber and terrorist zacarias moussaoui. erica? >> ben tracy. ben, thanks. earlier this morning, i had the chance to speak with dr. michael lemole who is the chief of neurosurgery at university medical center here, and also one of congressman giffords'
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surgeons. first of all, doctor, how is gabrielle giffords doing this morning? >> i say the best way to describe is she's holding her own. >> holding her own. we've heard a little bit about how she's been responding to certain things. what are you testing or looking for at this point >> >> what we're looking for is that ability to take what we say, internalize it and follow those commands. that implies that a couple areas of the brain are working, communicating together. >> the bullet went through the left side of her brain. what areas could be affected? >> the left side, most people control the right side is strength and sensation and potentially their speech, as well. again i don't want to get in specifics about her case, but in general, those are the areas served by the left. >> and how long will it take, because this is obviously a very long road she has ahead of her, how long will it take until you know what her recovery is going to be like, and what functions have survived? >> we don't close the book on recovery for years. so, it will take as long as it takes. i think the most important question to ask is how long will it be before she's out of the
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woods, so to speak. and that, i think, will be in the next few days, maybe week. >> but she's still in intensive care at this moment? >> absolutely. >> and i know you're incredibly concerned about swelling of the brain. you actually had to take a portion of her skull off? >> correct. >> and that is actually put back on later? >> we do. we do put that on as soon as the swelling subsides we can go back and put that right back in the skull. >> when you go in to test for things, you do look at certain commands, whether or not she can internalize and respond to that. what are some of the tests you typically give in a test on day two? >> it could be something as simple as show me your fingers, show me your thumb. squeeze me hand. wiggle your toes. >> time is of the essence here. you were in surgery for about two hours? >> that's correct. >> how quickly were you able to get her in surgery? >> the trauma team was telling me from the moment she hit the door to the moment she was in the o.r. was about 38 minutes which is pretty incredible. >> people seem fairly optimistic. >> cautiously optimistic is the best term. >> dr., we appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you.
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i also spoke earlier with 20-year-old daniel hernandez. he is the young intern who risked his own life to help comfort congresswoman giffords and who may have, in turn, helped save her life. you heard someone shout gun on saturday at this event. most people would run the other way. you ran toward that noise. >> just because of the case that was going on. with it being congresswoman and i knew that if there was a gunman that she would likely be a target. i wanted to make sure if she or anyone around her were injured that i provide her whatever assistance i could until the emts could get there. >> luckily you were on the scene. you've been intering for five days? >> i've known the congresswoman for a few years. i originally interned for her congressional campaign in 2008. and i did some work in 2010 but i had the great pleasure of being accepted as an intern in december and i started this week. >> and you mentioned, too, you wanted to help anyone else. you've gone through the training to be a certified nurse's assistant.
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when you see everything that's happening you run over there to protect the congresswoman and anyone else. what was the first order of business for you based on that training? >> when i got to where some of the shooting started the first thing i tried to do was try and assess who was still alive, so trying to check for pulses, trying to see who was still breathing. i checked two or three people before i noticed that the congresswoman had been hit. once i noticed that the congresswoman had been hit that became my top priority not because of her position but because of the severity of her wounds. she had been shot in the head. >> i understand you're cradling her in your lap. >> when i first got to the congresswoman she was slumped over but in the position she was in, there was some danger of asphyxiation because of the way she was lying in her own blood. so i wanted to make sure that at first we could get her in a position that she could breathe properly. and once she was propped up against my chest and she could breathe properly applying pressure to the wound to make sure that we could stem the blood loss. >> a lot of people said your quick thinking, propping her up, everything you did may have
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helped save her life. many people are calling you a hero and have been for the last couple of days. how does that feel? >> i think it's a little strange to be calling me a hero. because the things that i did, however the real heroes are people like congresswoman giffords who have dedicated their lives to public service and helping others. >> are you in touch at all with her family? >> i spoke briefly with her husband and her sister. just to let them know what had happened on the day of the shooting. but i'm giving them some space as i think everyone should be. >> yeah. when you were looking at that on the day that this all happened and as you're sitting there with this woman that you respect and admire so much, cradling her in your lap, doing everything you can to keep her alive, did you have any sense of what was going on around you? >> once i saw the condition that the congresswoman was in, i kind of started tuning everything else out and my singular focus became tending to her. >> and when help did arrive, what -- what happened next? what was your role there? >> once the emergency services came in, i kind of let them take over for the medical side, because that's their job, and
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that's their expertise. but then i knew my job was to make sure we were taking care of her emotional well-being. i started to let her know i was still there, making sure she knew someone was with her and she wasn't alone. >> was she respondive? did she know you were speaking to her? >> she was alert and conscious the entire time. the way that she was communicating was through hand squeezes. so i would ask her a question and she would answer by squeezing my hand. >> were her eyes open at this point? >> her eyes were not open. >> okay. just the squeezes. >> the squeezes to let us know that she was still conscious. >> it is quite a story. we appreciate you sharing it with us. i know a lot of people grateful you were there to help on that day. daniel hernandez, thanks. >> thank you. >> just some incredible tales of people who jumped in to action, chris, and really helped prevent further tragedy. the stories are inspiring, and they are also heartbreaking. we'll have more of that to come from here in tucson just ahead. back to you now in new york. >> erica, thank you. you talk about a composed
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20-year-old, mr. hernandez. unbelievable. now to the reaction in washington. as we've been reporting this morning, president obama is calling for a moment of silence this morning to honor the victims of the tragedy in tucson. he'd also ordered flags to be flown at half-staff. cbs news congressional correspondent nancy cordes has more now from capitol hill for us this morning. nancy, good morning. >> chris, good morning to you. yes, members here on capitol hill are still stunned. congresswoman giffords is well-liked here, as was her staffer, gabe zimmerman. and now some are questioning whether the increasingly angry tone in politics could have contributed to a culture of violence. members of congress took their soul searching public sunday. >> it's been a much angrier, confrontational environment over the last two or three years. >> much of it originates here in washington, d.c. and we export it around the country. >> reporter: look no further than recent campaign ads. >> and i'll take dead aim at the cap and trade bill.
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>> reporter: filled with images and rhetoric that would once have been considered off limits. >> gather your armies. >> reporter: congresswoman giffords complained when crosshairs were placed on her district, and 19 others on a sarah palin campaign website. >> when people do that, you've got to realize there's consequences to that action. >> reporter: palin expressed her condolences to the victims on facebook this weekend. but has not addressed the controversy. a top palin aide did grant one interview. to tammy bruce, a right-wing radio host who dubs herself quote, a chick with a gun and a microphone. >> the graphic is just, it's basic -- we're not -- we never, ever, ever intended it to be gunsights. it was simply crosshairs like you'd see on a map. >> reporter: newly installed speaker john boehner sought to soothe rattled house members. >> no act, no matter how heinous, must be allowed to stop us from our duty. >> reporter: all legislation here on capitol hill has been canceled this week, save for a
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resolution wednesday honoring congresswoman giffords and the other victims. chris? >> cbs' nancy cordes on the hill for us this morning. nancy, thank you. now here's jeff glor at the news desk with a check of the other headlines this morning. jeff, good morning. >> all right, chris, good morning to you. good morning to everyone at home. a dangerous winter storm is hitting the south this morning. snow, sleet and freezing rain are falling. and the national weather service has posted storm warnings from texas to the carolinas. atlanta called it a once in a decade event. the governors of georgia, louisiana, alabama, and tennessee have declared states of emergency and thousands of flights have been canceled at the world's busiest airport, hards field jackson in atlanta and also at dallas-ft. worth. this storm has dumped a lot of snow and ice in mississippi, as well. dennis turner of our memphis station wreg is in baitsville, mississippi this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. we know that y'all northerners are used to this kind of thing. but we in the south, this boy from miami, never seen anything like this before. let me show you, we've got about
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seven inches of snow in batesville, mississippi. the problem is it's nice, dry snow, easy to drive on. but once you drive on it, it turns into this. it turns into ice. so people are slipping and sliding all the way down from memphis all the way on down. the city department of transportation has 200 workers all the way from jackson to the tennessee state line working on things, trying to get those roads clear. but it's very icy today. so we're being very careful, taking it slow today. reporting live from batesville, mississippi, dennis turner for cbs news. jeff? >> all right, dennis, thank you very much this morning. it is 15 minutes past the hour. we turn to marysol castro. more on the weather this morning. another busy weather morning. >> very, very
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thanks so much. that's your latest weather. now over to erica in tucson. >> marysol, thanks. just ahead on "the early show" we'll take an in-depth look at
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alleged killer jared loughner's troubled past, including a run-in he had with a teacher. we will speak exclusively with the professor who called the cops after seeing the warning signs of possible violence. and the youngest victim. 9-year-old christina green. i spoke with her parents about her profound loss and their profound love for one beautiful, bright little girl. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ugh, my sinuses... the congestion... it's your fault. naturally, blame the mucus. [ mucus ] what you need is new advil congestion relief. it reduces swelling due to nasal inflammation. so i can breathe. [ mucus ] new advil congestion relief. what i did before gps. >> gps: turn left ahead. >> woman: actually,
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welcome back to "the early show," i'm chris wragge here in new york. erica hill on the ground in tucson right now. you're looking at pictures of the makeshift memorial outside the hospital where gabrielle giffords is recovering are currently. erica, i'm told we're hearing from gabby giffords' family at this hour. >> yes, that's right we are, chris. her husband mark kelly has
7:22 am
issued a statement. we do want to share some of that with you. he said on behalf of gaby and our entire family i want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the people of arizona and this great nation for their unbelievable outpouring of support. gaby was doing what she loved most, hearing from her constituents, when this tragedy occurred. he also went on to say there's little we can do but pray right now and urged people to continue to keep doing that and keep them all in their thoughts. we'll be right back. this is "the early show" on cbs. >> this portion of "the early show" sponsored by sargento, persnickety people, exceptional cheese.
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service for the transatlantic phone cables. not all are satellite. that's based in baltimore. very cool. >> now,the weather coming our way at 10:00 tomorrow morning delmarva, your count us the will be shade in soon. it's a matter of time before we see the winner we'ller approaching. sunny and partly cloudy and the high in the low 20s. now, over to sharon gibala. -- good morning. well, if you're about to head out, we have accidents to worry about now. one is going to be on route 40. watch for that one at leslie. also an accident on 295. that's on 197. one on 702. meantime, the vehicle fire is cleared at emmorton road. we have a water main break you'll want to watch for. watch for wind warnings and
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delays on the beltway. we can look at the delays on liberty road. this is brought to you by home pair mountful call for more information. or, go to thank you, in the news, gun fire i running with -- erupting, and ending with the death of two. >> reporter: this stimes from a fight outside of a nightclub. gun fire began and two people were killed including a police officer identified by the baltimore sun as a 33-year-old. he's an 8 year veteran of the force. the other victim is a semipro possessional football player with no criminal record. he was in plane clothes and when he reached for his weapon, uniformed officers began firing.
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welcome back to this special edition of "the early show," i'm erica hill in tucson this morning. chris wragge is in new york. you're looking now at a live
7:31 am
picture of the memorial outside of university medical center here in tucson where ten victims of the shooting on saturday are still being treated here in the hospital. one of those victims is, of course, congresswoman gaby giffords who remains in critical condition after suffering a gunshot wound to the head. chris? >> erica, thank you. we'll get back to you in just a couple of minutes. first this morning we're learning more about the man police say are behind the shooting spree. 22-year-old jared lee loughner has had a troubled past. and cbs news justice correspondent bob orr is in washington with details for us this morning. bob? >> reporter: good morning, chris. well, jared lee loughner is not cooperating at all with his interrogators. so far he's offered no explanation for saturday's deadly spree. but there is growing evidence that loughner is a troubled and angry loner who secretly mapped an assassination plan. sources say jared lee loughner went to congresswoman gabrielle giffords' political gathering intent on killing a target he'd tracked for several years. a search of a safe in loughner's
7:32 am
home revealed an envelope with hand-written notes reading, "i planned ahead," "my assassination," the name giffords and what appears to be loughner's signature. investigators say loughner may have become fixated on giffords after meeting her in an earlier town meeting in 2007. he became annoyed when the congresswoman failed to satisfactorily answer his questions. a letter from giffords' office thanking him for attending was also found in loughner's safe. loughner is described as an anti-social loner. but he's flourished on the internet. in odd, disjointed videos posted on youtube, loughner rails against the government end and illiteracy, preaches about mind control and bemoans the loss of a gold-based currency. and in an ominous message on myspace just hours before the shooting he posted a picture of his gun and a good-bye message for his friends. >> i'm not a psychiatrist. but i have no reason to believe that the person was insane. was he unstable? i would agree with that.
7:33 am
>> reporter: sources say in the past several years loughner made numerous general threats and was well-known to police. he was forced to drop out of college, and rejected by the army. but he had no significant criminal record, and was able to purchase the semiautomatic weapon used in the massacre at a tucson gun shop just six weeks ago. now we expect to get our first look at loughner later today when he is in court to answer federal murder charges. but, i have to tell you, we don't expect him to say very much. he's invoked his fifth amendment rights. chris? >> cbs' bob orr in washington for us. bob, thank you. now let's go back to erica in tucson. erica? >> chris, thanks. our next guest got to k
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up next my interview with the parents of christina green, the youkest victim of the
7:39 am
tragedy in tucson. just 9 years old. they'll share with us who this beautiful girl was. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
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the tragedy in tucson claimed the lives of six people. among them, that little girl you see right there. 9-year-old christina green. the youngest of the victims. there's a picture of her here at the memorial. she was just 9, but had already lived such a full life, and touched so many with her infectious smile, as her principal referred to it. she was also featured in a book called "faces of hope" about the babies born on 9/11. and on sunday, i had the chance to sit down with her mom and her dad. with john and roxanna green think about their 9-year-old daughter christina, they remember everything she loved about life. >> she had a lot of interests. ballet, gymnastics, singing, dancing. she just got a guitar for
7:43 am
christmas. she was the only girl baseball player on her little league team this fall. >> reporter: now, less than 48 hours after her daughter's death, they want everyone else to know about their little girl. >> she was very active in the community, and she was going to visit gabrielle giffords because she wanted to learn more about how she could help her community, even at such a young age. what she could do. what she could learn. it was going to be a learning experience for her. >> reporter: but 9-year-old christina's life was cut tragically short with one bullet. >> you don't think this happens to you as a parent. i mean, you know, it's not going to happen to you. there's no script on how to prepare or how to handle it when it happens to you. >> in a bitter coincidence, christina was born on 9/11. >> you know, i've said this before, but you know, the book-ends of her life. she came into the world in a tragedy on 9/11, and she went out in this tragedy yesterday in
7:44 am
arizona. everything in between has been wonderful. . >> you know, we're just going to keep on remembering her forever. she's a special little girl. >> this becomes a little political on both sides. people pointing fingers. talking about that. is that hard for you to hear? >> oh. honestly -- >> i haven't listened to any of that so i don't really know. but i can imagine. >> that just makes me even more angry. that's not what this is about. this is a random act of cowardice, and -- >> a senseless act. >> this is not, you know, shouldn't be used for that. you know, people need to realize that, you know, you don't settle your issues with guns. and if you have issues, you know, handle it. handle it directly with the person. >> there's a man who is being held as a suspect in your daughter's death. is there anything that you -- do
7:45 am
you want to see happen in terms of justice for your own sake to the person who killed your daughter? >> well, i mean my wife is very forgiving, in that regard. i'm a little -- i'm a little out of the old west, and it's a very clear-cut case, and i'm a fan of capital punishment in this regard. >> would you say anything to him if you had the opportunity? >> no. wouldn't care to even talk to the guy. because that would -- that wouldn't change anything. my daughter's gone. >> she's not coming back. >> she's not coming back. but, again, that would be a waste of breath. >> do you feel that christina's smiling down on you right now, looking over you? >> she'll always be with us. she was always this little bright light, in our little family. and she touched everyone that ever met her, and she always
7:46 am
will. she'll always be with us. she was a very special, beautiful girl. >> very strong parents, as you can see there. she was actually going to the event. she was brought to the event by a neighbor. the neighbor's name is susan heilman. they were very close. that woman was shot at the event. her husband tells us she was shot three to four times in the leg, hip, abdomen and chest. all of the bullets did exit and she is expected to recover. she's stabilized at this point. she has a very long recovery ahead of her. but what her husband said to us, her husband william, is that the most difficult part of her recovery is going to be the challenge of learning to live with christina's death. this 9-year-old girl who meant so much to her neighbor, to her family, to her friends. she was incredible force and will, of course, be missed. there's so much more to come on this special edition of "the early show" coming to you from tucson. stay with us. [ female announcer ] here comes oatmeal at mcdonald's. made with 100% natural whole-grain oats and loaded with real fruit.
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welcome back to "the early show" here on cbs. i'm chris wragge here in new york. erica hill is in tucson for us. i'm still just overwhelmed by the strength of christina's parents. i guess that also brings me to the strength of gaby giffords surviving this gunshot wound. >> which is incredible. a lot of that has to do with where the bullet may have entered her skull. we're going to look closer at that this morning coming up with our own dr. jennifer ashton here in tucson. [ female announcer ] only roc® retinol correxion deep wrinkle night cream is clinically proven to give 10 years back to the look of skin, diminishing the look of even deep wrinkles. roc® was over 4 times more effective on wrinkles than another leading brand, and even 7 times more effective on crow's feet. 10 years? i'll take that! [ female announcer ] roc® we keep our promises. and try roc deep wrinkle filler with hyaluronic acid to instantly smooth your deep wrinkles. ♪ uh oh, sesame stir fry from lucky dynasty. oh, me too!
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well, right now, the temperatures feel like they're in the mid-to upper 20s. take a look at the graphic. we have a winter storm watch in
7:56 am
effect in the area now. that's going to extend down the 50 corridor. i don't see any way it doesn't. we're looking for like 2 to 4 inches of snow. that's at 10:00 a.m.. today, easy and sunny and partly cloudy and we're in the low 20s now and it feels like we're in the mid-to upper teens. how's it going, sharon. it's gotten busier out there. we have a truck fire on the harrisburg expressway, that's in middlestown road. watch for rubber necking down to middletown road. there's an accident involving a pedestrian at windsor mill's road. that should be in the clearing stages soon. another one on 702 at eastern avenue. watch for a water main break at done hills village circle and wind warnings on the eastside of the beltway.
7:57 am
there's the drive times and the speeds. the slowest spot is on the outer lupe between 95 and 83. take a look outside at 83 and york road. that's the delay because of the truck fire. this is brought to you by home paramount. call for more. or, go to a police officer and another man were killed in a weekend shooting and the investigation continues into how it happened. andrea fujii has the story. >> reporter: this stimes from a fight outside of a city nightclub. as the police arrive to break up the fight, gun fire began. two were killed including a police officer. he was 33-year-old william torbit. the other victim, shawn gamble, a semipro professional football player with no criminal record. when he reached for his weapon,
7:58 am
the uniformed officers began firing. four others were wounded including another police officer. stay with us, up next, more on the shooting in tucson. with the hero intern who's brave actions may have saved a woman's ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back to "the early show" this morning. our special coverage of this
8:01 am
weekend's tragedy in arizona. the shooting of congresswoman gabrielle giffords and 19 others. you're looking at a live picture there of the memorial in front of university medical center here in tucson where ten people are still being treated as a result of that shooting spree. among them, of course, is congresswoman giffords. we are here live at the university medical center in tucson this morning. chris wragge is in new york in studio 58. good morning again. >> good morning to you once again. one of the unbelievable aspects of this whole story is how congresswoman gabrielle giffords was shot in the brain and somehow survived. medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton will explain how that happened. and she's going to tell us whether giffords will be able to make a full recovery. erica, let's go back to you. >> so many people looking for details and those moments of hope in her situation. we do want to get to the latest at this hour from cbs news national correspondent ben tracy. he is outside the store where the shooting took place on saturday. ben, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. you know it's been nearly 48 hours, this horrific shooting
8:02 am
and the crime tape is still up here in the safeway. they are hoping to reopen later this afternoon. also this afternoon the attempted shooter in this case, jared lee loughner, is expected to make his first appearance in federal court. that will happen in phoenix, which is about an hour and a half from here. and he will be appearing on five federal counts. those are counts of murder, and attempted murder, as well as attempted assassination for shooting at congresswoman giffords. now, jared lee loughner's public defender is a woman who has a whole lot of experience. this is the same person who defended the unabomber. she defended the oklahoma city bomber timothy mcveigh, as well as terrorist zacarias moussaoui. that will all happen this afternoon. in the meantime the investigation continues into why loughner may have done this. but the authorities tell us at this point despite some troubling stuff they have found postings on the internet, clearly classmates who say that loughner was a troubled man in the last couple of months, they still don't have a clear motive for why he did what they say he did this past weekend. erica?
8:03 am
>> still so many questions. ben tracy, thanks. being called a hero this morning is 61-year-old patricia maisch. and earlier i spoke with her about how she stepped in on saturday, and grabbed the ammunition cartridge before the alleged gunman could have reloaded. it all happened, of course, in the middle of the chaos. there have been some conflicting accounts. but one thing that is very clear is you were likely ininstrumental in making sure that the alleged shooter did not reload his gun and did not harm anyone else. walk us through what happened and how you were able to do that. >> well, i, when i first heard the gunshot, i knew it was the gunshot, and so i had to make a split-second decision whether i was going to run, or i was going to drop to the ground. and i thought if i ran, i might become a target. so i dropped to the ground. he shot the woman that was next to me, and i was just waiting
8:04 am
for the -- for the next bullet. and just then the gunman was on the ground, by me. two gentlemen had knocked him to the ground, and somebody yelled get the gun, so i knelt up, he was on his right side. i knelt up and reached over him. i couldn't reach the gun, but as he -- as he was doing that he also pulled another magazine out of his left pocket which he dropped on the pavement, and i was able to get it before he did. at the same time, another gentleman had picked up the gun. so he was secured. >> you got that ammunition. and we've heard accounts he could have had up to 90 rounds of ammunition. >> i don't know. i just -- it's just a relief that he was down and the two gentlemen that knocked him down are my heroes. i was not one of the heroes. the two that knocked him down had the courage to do that, are the heroes. >> although you clearly helped
8:05 am
in a very important way. some people may -- some people may have a different view of that account. it must be very surreal for you, now two days on, to be reliving some of this, especially when you say you were lying down next to a woman who was shot. is it hard for you to think back to saturday? >> i -- it's hard for me to think about the people that died on the sidewalk, and how long their bodies had to lay there, and the little 9-year-old girl. it was so senseless to take out innocent people. it's a shame that there's so much hate. political. >> was there any sort of warning that you saw? you were waiting on line as i understand, to ask the congresswoman a question. >> the only warning was the first shot. because i was about 20 feet from gabrielle and i did not see her. she was beyond the post, and so i heard a shot and i just knew that it was gunshot, and then it just -- there was one shot and then a series of shots. >> and did you get a close look
8:06 am
at the alleged gunman at all? >> he had a stocking cap on, and the way he was pushed on the ground, i could only see a little bit of the left side of his face, bought he had the stocking cap almost up to his eyes, both at the side, and above his eyebrows. >> you couldn't really see what was in his eyes. >> no, i did not see. and i was on his legs when -- after i got the clip, he was struggling, and kicking his legs, so i knelt on his legs. and then i noticed that the one gentleman, bill, who had knocked him down had a head wound so i asked somebody else to come and take my place and ran in to safeway and got some towels, and made a compress for bill's head. >> a lot of quick thinking on your part and so many others instrumental. >> i think it's pure adrenaline. >> luckily it kicked in. thanks for your time. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> well, turn now to jeff glor standing by at the news desk in new york with a check of some of the day's other headlines.
8:07 am
jeff, good morning. >> okay, erica, good morning to you. and good morning to everyone at home. the south this morning is dealing with a dangerous winter storm. road conditions are rough for drivers from tennessee to georgia. combination of snow, sleet, and freezing rain. states of emergency have been declared in georgia, louisiana, alabama, and tennessee. many schools and colleges canceled classes. the deep south is seeing snow and ice in places that usually don't see it much at all. get an update this morning from dennis turner of our memphis station, wreg in batesville, mississippi. dennis, good morning once again. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. it's really rough out here. you know, y'all are used to the snow up in the north. but down here in the south, we don't have much in the way of snow removaremoval. still mississippi department of transportation has 200 workers out from jackson up to the tennessee state lines. show you just how deep it is. we're walking in here, i'm sticking my hand down here, i'm almost coming up to here with snow. so we've got quite a bit. and here's the problem with that. once that snow gets compacted it turns into this. it turns into this black ice
8:08 am
that you've got all over the roads. and all the way down from about 25 miles outside memphis, all the way down here to about 50 miles outside memphis you're just going to get a lot of solid ice down here. we're going to be very careful here today and travel very slowly. dennis turner for cbs news. jeff back to you. >> indeed. keep those speeds down, dennis. thank you very much. at least two more people have been killed by the unprecedented floodwaters racing through northeastern australia. this morning the powerful water washed away cars, as you can see, and right through homes. some people were trapped in their vehicles. during two weeks of torrential rains, at least 12 people have been killed in australia. coming up now on 8 minutes past the hour.
8:09 am
8:10 am
>> this weather report sponsored by sargento. persnickety people. exceptional cheese. >> thanks so much. more on your national out look a little bit later on in the show. now back to erica in tucson. >> marysol, thanks. joining us now is the communications director for congresswoman gabrielle giffords, good to have you with us this morning. >> good morning. >> we are been updating on the congresswoman's condition all morning long. we know she's still in critical condition but is sheing some positive signs. >> that's right. >> there were, however, three other staffers who, two of them were hit, one of them died. >> right. >> a young man named gabriel zimmerm zimmerman. he was just 30 years old. >> gabe was just 30 years old. engaged to be married. very much in love with his fiancee kelly, a nurse. gabe was a social worker and he wanted to help people. the congresswoman wanted to help people. that was her idea. is her idea of public service. and gabe is a perfect fit for
8:11 am
that. he was beloved, entrusted in our office. he was beloved and trusted in the community. he was the face of congresswoman giffords in so many communities in southeastern arizona. >> and how is his family holding up now, and his fiancee? >> it's -- it's very hard. it's very difficult. >> and two other staffers were wounded. >> ron barber, the district director our leader here. and pam simon. and she's doing well. she told a colleague yesterday that i owe her some dark chocolate. >> well -- >> she's got it coming. >> i'm sure you will be happy to deliver that. >> yes. >> this has obviously been a very busy and rather fluid last couple of days. >> right. >> mark kelly, who came out with a statement this morning and one of the things i noticed he mentioned at the end, there's little we can do but pray. but then he also touched on a couple of things that were really close or are close to the congresswoman's heart. the american red cross. and so the work continues even as we are watching, waiting for more on the recovery.
8:12 am
>> right. gabrielle giffords is a generous spirit. giving to the food bank, giving to the american red cross at a time of tragedy is something that she would want this community to do. and this community is responding. we can see behind us here, erica, the outpouring of support. this is a reflection of what type of community tucson is, but it's also a reflection of gabrielle giffords. >> we've heard so much and everyone talks about what a loving, giving, beautiful person she is. >> right. >> and yet there's this senseless act of tragedy. it has turned in many ways political. people speaking out. how are you handling that being that, you know -- >> it's hard. when i heard speaker boehner who spoke eloquently about my friend, gabe, i -- i did a john boehner. i couldn't stop crying. it's truly very hard. but you know, we derive a lot of strength there this community. and i think that's important. >> you think that there is going
8:13 am
to be any change? the sheriff has brought up a letter which he feels is incredibly damaging. noting, in his words, free speech -- it may be free speech but it comes with consequences. >> right. >> do you see a change in the rhetoric in this country? >> i don't know. but the congresswoman said the same thing. after our office was targeted, the day of the health care vote we had a front door shot out, she said that there were consequences to our rhetoric. being mindful of that is important. there's no place for acts of violence or intimidation in a free and open society. congresswoman giffords has always said we can't have this chilling effect on our public discourse. and sadly, this is drawing renewed attention to -- unfortunately it's drawing renewed attention to that very issue. >> real quickly, are you fearl at all? >> yeah, a little bit. the statement you mentioned that we were in the office last night, i sent it out, and my office is surrounded by windows. and the venetian blinds, for the first time, even at night, they
8:14 am
were closed shut. and i think -- i -- there's a risk. but we will, as speaker boehner put it, we will survive this. >> thanks for being with us. >> sure, thank you. >> appreciate it. up next, surviving a bullet through the brain. dr. jennifer ashton is here with more on how congresswoman giffords somehow beat the odds. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
8:15 am
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but new wisk sees a particulate stain. with our breakthrough stain spectrum technology, wisk is engineered to fight all the major stain groups like particulates and oils. [ girl ] that lip gloss is soooo cute on you. [ female announcer ] you'll never look at stains the same way again. for a powerful clean against a full range of stains, use new wisk. fight stains with science. in this morning's "healthwatch," how did congresswoman giffords sufficient vief a gunshot wound to the brain? doctors say more than 90% of such injuries are fatal. more than two-thirds of the victims die before receiving hospital care. so here to explain how congresswoman giffords seemingly beat the odds is medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton. jen, good to have you with us here on site this morning. >> good morning. >> first of all, how is she doing this morning? >> she's still in critical condition, erica. there were no events overnight.
8:18 am
she is heavily sedated with a breathing tube in place on a ventilator to help support her breathing. we also can't forget there are nine other shooting patients here in the hospital. good news yesterday, they were all transferred from the intensive care unit. three downgraded to serious condition. six in fair condition. >> good news, indeed. now that we know how everyone is doing and as we focus on this, you hear congresswoman giffords took a gunshot wound to the head and you think, how does she is your viech? >> first let's talk about the surgery because that is critical to her survival. it's called a decompressive craniotomy. you'll see here that the hair gets shaved. the scalp gets flapped backwards and a large portion of the cranium skull bone is drilled away. this portion remains in a refrigerator for up to potentially two to three months and this area here is left open so that the brain can swell and not impair other parts of the brain. >> and that's critical, the swelling. >> absolutely. >> and we're learning that the
8:19 am
bullet came in the back of her head? and then exited through the front and it happened on the left side. how important are those things that it was the back of the head and also the side? >> critically important. if you look at the brain and this is a cross-section of it. what we know is that the bullet went through the rear left portion of the brain, and exited through the front left portion of the brain. if you look inside, you can see here, erica, that these critical structures which tend to be located deeper and more centrally in the brain, were miraculously spared, as were some major blood vessels that also are in the midlines, and the bullet did not cross from the left to the right side of the brain. >> the left side of the brain, functions that are controlled there which could potentially be impaired. give us an idea of what she may be facing? >> basically it's the speech center. we know the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, so interpreting speech and be able to speak all potentially could be affected by any type of injury to the left side of the brain. that's why it's so encouraging to the doctors that when she's asked to perform a simple
8:20 am
command, like show me two fingers, she's able to show two fingers. it will be important to know whether she's raising those fingers on the right side of her body or the left side. >> and we just heard from her communications director, she was able to hold two fingers. her recovery is a long one. much to come but it makes a lot more sense to have you break it down. thanks. >> absolutely, sure. >> there will be much more coming to you from tucson and from new york city. stay with us, you're watching from new york city. stay with us, you're watching "the early show" on cbs. i dunno, the lady wants a fat, fat. will that be all? some fat fatties with that? it's ok, i'm good... [ male announcer ] instead try a subway egg white muffin melt, less than 4 grams of fat. build your better breakfast. >> man: getting across town to a job interview is stressful enough without being late. i want guidance that takes me where i need to be,
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welcome back to "the early show" here on a monday morning. the wind's blowing out there. baseball fans out there standing by waiting to brave the lefts here in new york. switch gears a little here this morning. a big interview with jennifer hudson. >> before we debuted i flew out to chicago and met up with jennifer hudson. that's her native town. boy did they welcome her with open arms. the biggest difference other than the height differential.
8:23 am
she has lost a ton of weight and if you don't know that you've been living under a rock. she tells us about being a mo y mommy, her fiance. a little bit about what happened to her family a year ago and her new album. it amazed that with a woman, with a voice like that, she's still amazed at her own voice, which is crazy. >> no formal training. she did it herself. and the outlook is different. >> she's collaborating with some interesting, powerhouse voices. you know, an oscar, a grammy. >> we've got that coming up right here on "the early show" here on cbs. stay with us. your local news is coming up stay with us. your local news is coming up next. óó?@(
8:24 am
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3 snacks, 2 shakes or meal bars, and 1 balanced meal. slim-fast. who has time to slim slowly? let's look at the forecast today. we'll make it quick and easy. we have a winter storm watch in
8:26 am
effect. we'll be at a high of 31 degrees today. clouds increasing tonight. snow beginning late in the morning tomorrow. bigger area between 8:00 and 1:00. here, figure 10. we'll take 12 hours for a 2 to 4-inch accumulation. worse conditions east north up the i-corridor. and now, over to sharon gibala for traffic control. hi, sharon. hey, there, not a great scene on the expressway, we have a truck fire. that's in the northbound lanes at middletown road. all lanes are blocked there. there's a 26 minute delay down to the middletown road. meantime, on york road at belfast, there's a building fire there on westbound route 140. watch for an accident there and water main break on liberty. possible icy conditions there
8:27 am
and wind on the beltway and typical delays on the beltway. taking a look outside at 83. that's delayed because o. truck fire. this is brought to you by the cochran firm. visit their website for more. don, back to you. an investigation continues after a city police officer and another man were shot and killed over the weekend. andrea fujii has the story. >> reporter: this stimes from a fight outside of a city nightclub. as the police arrived to break up the fight, gun far began. two people were killed including a police officer. he was 33-year-old w illiam,theorbit. the other victim was a semipro professional football player. torbit was in plane clothes. uniformed officers began firing at him.
8:28 am
four others were wound. and they're expected to survive. investigators are focusing on a new lead in the search of a missing teen last scene in northwest baltimore city. they're focusing on patapsco state park. it's not clear at this point. they're looking for phylicia barnes who went missing 13 days ago. stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station. up next, jennifer hudson talks about how she lost 80 pounds. and how to cut your cost of living. that's with a more energy efficient home. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
and welcome back to "the early show" here on a monday morning. this is the coldest morning of the new year. >> just think warm thoughts. >> holy cow.
8:31 am
it must be at least 3 out here. >> it is actually 25 degrees. it feels cooler because the wind -- >> don't believe a word she's saying. >> guess what? news flash. it's winter. it's supposed to be cold. >> okay, you got me there. good morning, everyone, i'm chris wragge along with marysol castro and jeff glor. erica hill will have more from tucson in just a bit. but coming up a conversation with jennifer hudson who spoke with the aforementioned marysol castro about how she decided to get healthy after the birth of her son. looks great. new album. >> just such a lovely, lovely girl. >> yeah, very cool stuff there. also we talk about how it's 15 below zero right now here. >> approximately. >> 25 degrees. it's cold outside. going to be an even colder winter for you if you don't properly winterize the home. this could save you hundreds of dollars. we'll show you some simple fixes this morning that might help at home. >> and who doesn't need some extra cash? chances are you have an old book, an old board game, some china that you've never used from your registry.
8:32 am
guess what? you can make some cash while you're saving some cash with those energy costs. websites, we're going to tell but them, how you can make some cash and get rid of the things that you don't need and/or use anymore. >> i am always very reluctant to throw away books. >> are you a hoarder? >> i am, just of books. >> and china from the registry means things didn't go too well. >> coming up, first, here's mary with a final check of t
8:33 am
all right, good morning, let's look at the advisory graphic. we're expecting 26 hours to bring a 2 to 4-inch snowfall. 31-degrees is the high this day. snow arrives between 8:00 and 1:00. later north and east. the situation is east and northeast, probably. for philadelphia and new york, maybe a foot. >> thank you so much. you know, all these folks, the vast majority of them, chris, math students, you know, give me the hardest algorithm you've ever known. i don't even know what an algorithm is. oh, boy the nation's future.
8:34 am
i put her on the spot, though. i'm going to get to the bottom of it later on. >> i'll second that emotion, maggie. here's a fact that's sure to send a shiver down your spine. as temperatures plunge around the country the average household will pay 15% more for heat this winter than last year. here to show us how to make our homes a little bit more energy efficient, jason cochran of >> how are you? >> it's probably the bane of my existence when i walk into the apartment each day, there's so much air, in the summertime the cool air goes, in the wintertime the cold air comes in. how cost effective is it to winterize the home? >> extremely. it's a really important issue, actually. we spend about 56% of our heating and cooling -- our energy budget on heating and cooling. and 40% of that according to the department of energy, goes right out the door, like happened to you. if we winterize properly, we can save roughly $118 on average. you should do it yourself, though, because if you pay someone, $1500, takes about ten years to pay back. do it yourself, can be as little
8:35 am
as $3 50rks you can pay that back in about two years >> and it's not the most labor intensive process. >> no, not really. >> let's talk about home heating oil. we want to go through a couple of different steps for people. home heating oil is one you say people can address. >> prices are way up. about $3.30 a gallon a year ago, now it's going to be about $3.90. people are banding to the to form fuel co-ops. you can find them in your community by looking under fuel co-ops on the internet, the yellow pages, maybe your county has information or your consumer board of affairs. you join this fuel co-op you might pay about $35 a year and you get the bulk rate which is about 30 cents less. great way to save some money that you might not have thought of before. >> and if you really want to make the home energy efficient, these things sitting right next to your chair there, insulation. it is key. >> key. because, we lose about 30% of our heating bills right out the drafty areas of our house. we're talking windows, the attic which is where this will go off. it's fiberglass roll. i like the cellular stuff
8:36 am
because it's sprayed and easier to find the nooks and crannies. this is about $15 a roll. cellular costs about the same but sometimes the installation can be more tricky. you can save a lot of money if you put this where your air is drafting out, especially in the rafrters of your attic and underneath the floors if you have a basement. very important. >> this is one thing like i mentioned to you about my apartment here in the stet. the draft when you walk by any of the windows. and -- i can only imagine. >> you can have someone actually check out your place to see, it's called an audit. where you're losing air. what i like to do, it's free, you get a stick of incense, close up everything in your house, you light it and you look at where the air goes. that's how you find out where the drafts are. it costs very little to get weatherizing strips. or like a kind of a plastic wrap that goes over your window. you want to create a dead space between the outside pane that faces the outside and the inner pane. a lot of us have single pane.
8:37 am
when you create a second pane, you can save a lot of money. about 30%. >> how about the water heater, roast run 24/7. >> money being wasted all day long. you're heating water you're not going to use all day long. again you can save a great deal of money if you time it to go off at certain hours when you're not going to be around. better yet, i like these new kinds of water heaters that heat up water as you want it. sort of an on-demand tangless sis pep tell. they're the new rage in new york city. they also take up less space in your house. and if it leaks, you're not in so much trouble. because if a regular water tank bursts it's going to go all over the house. >> you talk about it being on a timer. the same can be said for thermostats. you get the automated thermostats to time it to turn on before you get home. >> we think of the dial thermostats. better idea is to think of what your schedule is. when you go to work turn it off for eight hours. when you go to sleep, turn it off for another eight hours or
8:38 am
turn it down about 15 degrees. you can save about maybe a dollar -- i'm sorry, a percent for every degree you turn it down. you've saved about two-thirds of the energy if you time it when you're not at home or sleeping. you don't need it on for 24 hours. >> it is amazing to see how much money you do let fly out the window. pardon the pun. thanks so much. now here's jeff. >> all right, chris, thanks very much. superstar jennifer hudson is shining very bright these days. not only is she much slimmer, she's also very busy. marysol recently sat down with the oscar winner and singer. good morning. >> and we've been humming her tunes all morning. >> yes. unfortunately for everyone else. >> yes. over the course of one year, jennifer hudson found hope in tragedy, inspiration in a baby boy, and a new body inside her hold one. and if you thought her talents were good before all of this, wait till you see her now. ♪ freedom is mine and i know how i feel ♪ >> reporter: jennifer hudson is almost unrecognizable.
8:39 am
if not for that big, beautiful voice. ♪ it's a new day and i'm feeling good ♪ >> she certainly has a lot to feel good about these days, having lost an estimated 80 pounds through weight watchers. >> it's me. i was just watching tv last night and i was on the news and i was like, oh, that's jennifer hudson. oh, duh, that would be me. >> i know so many women struggle with weight, especially after they have a baby. >> well, for myself, probably towards the end of my pregnancy, i was like, wow, i just want my body back. whatever that body was before, that, i don't care, i just want it back. and then i was like, i'm going to do something bigger with it. because you realize you have that power again to get yourself back. ♪ >> hudson credits her metamorphosis to her most important role. as mom to 17-month-old david
8:40 am
junior. now i'm a mother of two. and i said all the cliches are true. that your life totally changes. >> oh, my god, yes. he's like my motivation for everything. and inspiration. you know. i know he's watching. he's like a sponge right now. and he's absorbing everything that we do. >> and your fiance told me that he sleeps through the night. >> he has. he has always slept through the night. so we lucked out. >> we're going to knock on this table because we don't have wood. knock hard. ♪ i believe >> but hudson hasn't needed to rely on luck with powerful pipes like these. ♪ in just a few short years she quickly catapulted from "american idol" castoff to oscar and grammy-winning dream girl. ♪ we recently caught up with hudson in her hometown of chicago for a very intimate performance.
8:41 am
♪ with her sister julia, fiance david, and baby boy watching from the wings. chicago holds a very special place in your heart. >> just moved back home. and it's amazing. i didn't expect to come back to chicago so soon. but, just bringing my baby home, and we wanted to be near family, and him to grow up around family. and both david and i are both from chicago. so, we brought him back home to that. because we're both super family oriented. you can appreciate your home. >> the bond that brought hudson home also compelled her to create the jennifer hudson foundation. helping families affected by violent crime. here, she distributes toys to needy children in honor of her late nephew julian king, murdered along with hudson's mother and brother on one horrific day in 2008. >> he was a very giving child. and he always had tons of christmas gifts and he would give his toys away and things like that to other kids. so just to remember him in a very positive way, i just wanted
8:42 am
to make sure that, you know, we just remember him. >> and it's a healing process for all of us. >> while her roots are firmly planted in chicago, hudson's career has taken her from hollywood to south africa. >> nelson mandela's dream of a free society is to be kept alive. >> where she spent the summer portraying winnie mandela, wife of nelson mandela in the upcoming by opic "winnie." she's also been busy in the recording studio following up her grammy winning debut with a new album due out in february. is it a huge departure from your last album? >> i feel like it's a revolution from my last project. like, everything is new. in a way. but then i'm matured in so many different ways. i guess it worked for alicia keyes. and i remember sitting down with her and her explaining the material she wrote for me or created for me. and she was saying like
8:43 am
inspiration. you inspired people and this music is like no matter what you're going through, it's like telling my story through the music and i hope to uplift people through it. i'm like, wow, people are watching jennifer. let me give you something to look at. let me give you something to listen to. let me tell my story. >> with a new look and new projects we'll certainly be watching and listening. >> she surprises herself, you say, with her own voice. >> we were on the navy pier in chicago this grand hall, and she went in there because she said the acoustics were beautiful and she just belted out like three bars of i don't know what, and she went oh. as though she were shocked at her own voice. when she moved into chicago, no one really knew who was moving into this new house and a neighbor came into the house to borrow a cup of sugar and she said oh, sure and the neighbor apparently looked and saw oscar, grammy, and out comes jennifer hudson. here's your sugar. can you imagine, she's just a regular mom. >> it's great. the new album a little bit
8:44 am
different. >> she collaborates with alicia keys and like she said in the piece, it's an evolution. she's had a really, really tough year. she's gone through more things in one year than most people will go through in a lifetime. >> but a kid who sleeps through the night from the beginning. >> she's blessed. and she says, we're going to call her when our kids start acting up again. >> very good. thank you, marysol. now here's chris. >> all right, jeff, thank you so much. if your house is filled with too many things after the holidays maybe it's time to clear out some of that old stuff and make some money while you're at it. here to show us how is latoya drake. >> good morning, chris. >> we're going to start with some electronics. i recognize some of these items. i think i had them back in 1989. you can still sell those? >> absolutely. you can give it a shot at this is going for about $90 on gazelle. they can put in that item, give a description, is it in good shape, do you have any of the original packaging. you get a quote, they give you a shipping label, off it goes and you wait for the check.
8:45 am
>> even something settle for only -- >> you're not going to get too much money. but there is another side that you might give it a shot called, instead of cash they give you target gift cards. >> there may be a little something there. there is a website devoted just to people that have apple products that no longer have use for them. >> apple gives you about 2% off of those gadgets if you want to exchange it as part of their recycling program. there's also a site called if you have a broken ipod, they will give you some money for that. all you have to do is go in, wait for a quote. >> cell phones. >> the life cycle for a cell phone is about one to two years. we know the phone companies give us new devices. give you about $30 per phone if you want to try to unload them. >> you say one to two years, with technology right now it's sort of like one to two weeks. >> sometimes seems like as soon as you get the phone it's out of style. many times people still hold onto them. time to unload. >> just stop now. technology stop now. all right let's talk about some books. >> right now buying back books
8:46 am
is something we traditionally think of for college students. in the semester they want to make a little bit of money so they attempt to unload the books. there are sites called enter that isbn number, the number on the top of the bar code, and you will get a quote. you can send those books in. many of these sites pay for the shipping. the same is true for these books, as well. >> clothing? >> there is a site called, there are stars, you can go to the website and find out where they're located. you take in your clothing, i've done this before, you get a quote, this is for purses, shirts, clothes, anything, you get a quote on the spot, they give you cold, hard cash. you walk out, you leave the clothing behind. >> better than containment. >> absolutely. >> children's toys. >> if you got too many toys for christmas? >> jeff, marysol, listening? >> go to the buyer pays you for the shipping. you simply get to unload those
8:47 am
toys. if you see something you like, you can do shopping, as well. >> i think it would be a detractor for so many people to have to pay for shipping. makes it really easy. we'll call these vintage. >> if you think you can turn your trash into treasure, if you will, there is a site that lets you have a go at it. your first bet is to really find out what those things are going, tells you what they're going for on ebay. once you have a decent quote, you can go if it's older than 20 years old, you can sell those on etsy. keep in mind you have to pay a transaction fee. >> if they're worth a little bit more than they're originally quoting. if you don't like the price can you wait a little while and see, who knows, they may get somebody a little bit more generous. >> you can wait awhile. the longer you have it the more it's worth. but if it's really junk that you need to get rid of, go ahead and take that price. it's money you would not otherwise have had. >> we actually talked about this
8:48 am
this week with rebecca jarvis. diggers list. anything type of home improvement? >> that's right. a lot of people are refurbishing their homes, diggers list, as you mentioned, they take everything from toilets to a can of paint to any other furniture. the site is available in about 40 cities. it is free to post those items. no need to take a trip to the junk yard. >> especially if they're decent items, like you see her. you bought four toilets but you only need three. >> absolutely. even the kitchen sink is available for you to put up for grabs on diggers list. >> extra paint, wood, you name it. if you don't feel like donating something there are other options, as well. >> there are. you can organize a neighborhood exchange. the site to do that is not only in your city, in your neighborhood. you meet up with neighbors. you get rid of things you don't want. if you don't want to be bothered, don't want to take on anybody else's trash, the site, they encourage you to logon and give what you need. >> it's like a neighborhood yard
8:49 am
sale. >> i like to call them a swap meet. >> latoya drake, thanks so very much. for more information on how to sell your stuff, go to our website, all the information is right there. very informative this morning. great to see you. >> thank you, chris. >> we'll be right back. you're watching "the early y this sub lays down power cords of tasteocity with pickles, mean licks of mustard and riffs of melty, bubbly cheese. catch 'em before the fresh toasted tour leaves town. subway big hot pastrami. crank up the flavor at subway. here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could be paying way too much. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. plus this special bonus:
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8:51 am
welcome back to "the early show" here on cbs. want to wrap things up here. just a couple of minutes, join erica hill who is in tucson, arizona for us as we take a look at the mikeshift memorial outside university hospital where is where erica is this morning. erica? >> you know it really gives you pause, chris, as you drive up. it's right there in front of university medical center here and just makes you stop and think about the people who, of course, took the time to come out here and to pay their respects, to bring so many different things to this memorial. a number of candles as you can see, pictures, flowers, balloons. we talked so much this morning
8:52 am
about gongwoman giffords who is in critical condition inside this hospital. she's one of ten people who are being treated here this morning. the very latest information we have from the hospital this morning is that three of those patients are now in serious condition, which is an improvement. six of them in fair condition, so that is good news, coming out of the hospital this morning. that the ten people being treated here are, you know, on the road to recovery. and of course, we can't forget the six people who lost their lives. it is a tragedy that will forever touch this community here in tucson. but one of the things that's been really reassuring in some ways and heartwarming is there have been a number of stories of people coming to the and the community really rallying around one another, as they do their best to make sense of this tragedy, and -- and to learn to heal, and to figure out what is the next step for so many of them. chris? >> always difficult to try to make sense of a tragedy like this. i think the one thing, and i think you'll agree as parents that the takeaway from this, not only the tragedy and the circumstances and the situation, but also the resolve of the
8:53 am
parents of little christina. which i thought was incredible to hear those folks and how strong that they've been in this time of tragedy. erica, wonderful job. safe travels back here. we look forward to seeing you back here in new york. okay? erica hill in hueson for us. >> see you tomorrow, guys. >> i'm chris wragge, everyone have a wonderful day. your local news is next. see you tomorrow on "the early show." ,,,,,,
8:54 am
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right now, the delmarva is
8:56 am
not colored in. that's got to change. speaking, it's not going to be a bad day. we have high clouds in the region now. in general, partly cloudy with a high of 31 degrees. tonight, 21, clouds increase and snow beginning in the morning. we're going to work to about 2 to 4 inches over 12 hours. the situation here deteriorates east up the 95 corridor on up to new england. it could be another foot of snow. we'll watch it for you, we'll have the weather updates online for you, too. in the new, gun fire downtown baltimore yesterday that ends with the deather of two including a baltimore city police officer. andrea fujii has more. >> reporter: this stems from a fight at a nightclub. two were killed including a
8:57 am
police officer identified by the baltimore sun as a 33-year- old william torbit. the other victim, 22-year-old shawn gamble was a semipro professional football player. four others were wounded including another police officer. they're all expected to survive. don, back to you. thank you, there's an update on the missing burlesque dancer last scene in nevada. the police found the body of the 31-year-old downtown. hours later, the police officers arrested her boyfriend and charged him with her murder. she went to college here to pursue her dreams of performing. one of two twins accused of setting a pit bull on fire may be responsible for another crime. the 18-year-old was arrested on attempted murder charges.
8:58 am
his arraignment is scheduled for the end of the month, one week after he and his brother are scheduled to go on trial. the pit bull was euthanized. the ravens are heading to heinz field in pittsburgh. after defeating the chiefs yesterday, flacco threw two touchdowns to rice in the second quarter [low audio because of background noise] >> the ravens win it. the next game is saturday, 4:30 ,,,,,,
8:59 am
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